Greenkeeper, het beste beroep ter wereld!

24 aug 2020 | home

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#1 – You can travel the world

“Since March 2018 I’ve been a globe-trotting greenkeeper, experiencing different cultures and seeing parts of the world I never imagined I would – while getting paid to do it!”

#2 – You get to use new technology

“Technology in turf has many forms and it’s a really exciting time to be in the profession!”

#3 – You get front row seats to the biggest sporting events

“I remember standing by the first tee when a thunder clap erupted from the grandstand as the Europeans readied themselves for battle.” 

#4 – You get to work surrounded by nature

“Spending time in nature has been proven to improve health and wellbeing and rather than being stuck inside an office, greenkeepers are out there experiencing that environment first hand and helping to develop and promote it wherever possible.”

#5 – There’s a clear career path

“Just because I reached where I wanted to be in my career doesn’t mean that things stopped. Next up I may try to become a Master Greenkeeper, while I also fancy working overseas.”

Lees hier het artikel / Golfmagic


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