Macro organics

‘Together healing the earth’s soils and waters’

Makro Organics Europe distributes unique patented organic solutions to improve environmental challenges. We focus our attention on the remediation of water and soils for the effective maintenance and support of healthy sports turf grass.

Our leading solutions for Greenkeepers are OxyTurf a liquid soil aeration and positive microbial activation solution and a two part solution for the remediation of eutrophic lakes OxyCure and Sludge Buster.

OxyTurf product highlights:

  • Improvement in soil aeration and percolation
  • Reduction in the black layer, thatch and compaction
  • ​Improved root nutrient uptake and sword vigour
  • Increased root growth in volume
  • Increased immune resistance to pathogenic attack from fungi, algae, negative bacteria and parasites

OxyCure & Sludge Buster are applied for the remediation of eutrophic lakes, and rivers.

Introduction video:

Product highlights: ​​

  • Systematically increase dissolved oxygen levels
  • Activates aerobic microbes in the substrate decomposing organics
  • Reduce Ammonia, Phosphates, Phosphorus, Nitrate & TSS levels
  • Reduces algae blooms and blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria)
  • Reduction of bad odours
  • Improves water clarity and turbidity

Additionally we have OxyFlow for pipeline flushing and micro-dosing.

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