Quality market leader in the production of organic fertilizers

Producing high value organic fertilizers over 70 years in one of its two plants in the Netherlands and Germany is Culterra Holland’s core business. As an independent producre Culterra has acqu9ired and developed knowledge on most agronomical tehnical, legal and rgulatory aspects of organically based fertilizers. Producing organic fertilizers for the amenity, golf- and sport, Retail and horticulture market has given Culterra extensive experience and knowledge.

Currently Culterra exports to 30 countries and produces over 250 different NPK fertilizers. The regulatory and policy direction are undergoing fast changes in the European Union, creating new markets for many fertilizing materials. Culterra is actively involved in these changes. We develop and deliver organic fertilizers on a full service base for our customers in close cooperation. For anything you always wanted to know about organically based fertilizeres, just contact us:

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