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Abundigro’s innovations

Thank you for your interest in Abundigro’s innovations at the recent industry events. We are thrilled to highlight a special feature from Turf Business magazine, which underscores the revolutionary impact of our OxyTurf solution on modern turf management. Let me know if an editorial on the following is news worthy for your readers.

Featured Article Recap
In the April 2024 issue, Turf Business magazine details the extensive benefits of OxyTurf, particularly its role in enhancing soil aeration without the need for mechanical intervention. By improving percolation, reducing disease prevalence, and supporting aerobic microbial activity, OxyTurf presents a sustainable approach to managing thatch and black layer issues effectively. This non-mechanical method not only preserves turf health but also significantly reduces labor and physical stress on the turf.

Empirical Evidence and Endorsements
The feature includes insights from esteemed turf managers like Declan Robinson from AS Monaco and James Williams from London Stadium, who attest to the transformative effects of OxyTurf within their high-stakes sporting environments. Their experiences highlight improved moisture management and enhanced turf resilience, pivotal during heavy rainfall seasons.

Scientific Validation
The safety and effectiveness of OxyTurf are further backed by a rigorous phytotoxicity trial conducted by STRI, confirming its non-toxic nature even at four times the recommended application rates. This is complemented by a comprehensive analysis from Eurofins, which shows zero toxins and 100% germination, ensuring peace of mind for all turf professionals.

Explore Our Complete Turf Solution Range
OxyTurf is part of Abundigro’s holistic approach to turf health, which includes:
– Ukelp: Enhances stress tolerance and promotes vigorous growth.
– Champion: Improves plant color and health through nutrient-rich formulations.
– Gladiator: Strengthens plant cellular structure for better resilience.
– Super Surfer: Optimizes foliar applications and enhances water penetration.

Access the Full Article and Trial Reports
Delve into the detailed editorial in Turf Business Magazine The agronomic power of OxyTurf in turf aeration and review the STRI trial results attached to understand the scientific safety foundation behind OxyTurf’s success.

We are committed to supporting your goals for healthier turf and more efficient management practices. If you’re considering integrating Abundigro’s solutions into your program, please [contact us (mailto: [email protected]) to discuss how we can tailor our products to meet your specific needs.

Together, let’s advance towards a sustainable, greener future in turf management.

Two references from Football fields so for BIGGA we will get two new ones for Golf Courses?
I’ve been using Abundigro’s innovative range of turf management solutions – OxyTurf, Gladiator, Champion, and Ukelp – for several months now, and the results I have seen have so far been impressive . These products have helped us at London Stadium push our robust programme forward .

With us getting a different system this season, in a turf hybrid system the OxyTurf has played a pivotal role with its ability to effectively manage moisture levels within the turf, by increased percolation and reducing top dressing due to low levels of organic matter and a cleaner sand profile.

The application of Gladiator and Champion has been equally impressive, particularly in helping with Rapid recovery after a heavy fixture load Following a single application of Gladiator, Champion, and Ukelp, we observed a remarkable transformation in plant health, with leaves displaying increased vigour and a striking, deep green hue.

In summary, Abundigro’s products have seamlessly integrated into our existing turf management program, serving as valuable allies in our quest for optimal performance and sustainability. Based on our experience, I would most certainly recommend speaking to Luke if you’re looking to push your surface to the next level .”

James Williams
Head Groundsman, London Stadium

After incorporating the Abundigro range into my programs, I have witnessed a positive response.
Oxyturf has worked well alongside our maintenance schedule, keeping soil aeration and infiltration within optimum ranges.
Champion, ukelp and gladiator have contributed towards providing our teams with elite level pitch performance.
Lukes passion and sense of responsibility give me confidence that we can find further improvements in the future.”

Declan Robinson
Pitch manager
AS Monaco FC & Cercle Brugge FC